jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Bored In Class

Hello, we are the group "My Little Pwny" in Stella's classroom (teacher of English of 5°2° of the E.E.S.T. N°1 of Alte Brown "MARTIN MIGUEL DE GÜEMES").We are 3 little boys (1 boy, 1 little little girl and 1 man/boy supposedly responsible) locked in a room with many computers and this is the only entertaiment. Our teacher is very very evil and his forces us to write in English when we speak Spanish... And this is very difficult.
  Supposedly this is the opening.

Lorena (the little little girl) ironically is the "big smile" of the gruop and ironically (again) she dosn't smile but she is the "big smile" because of her huge tenderness with her beautiful cheeks. She hits us and it is a comic situation because the difference in sizes

Lucas is the "Nigga" of the group, he is unbearable,is very irresponsible moreover in this moment he is talk with the teacher and does not help us... He loves talking,he never never shuts up

Cristian (1 of the man/boy supposedly responsible) is "aguirre" (his last name).not much to talk about it, he does not speak much, provides to team usually aaaaannd nothing more than that

Mauricio (1 of the man/boy supposedly responsible) is the "chubby" (he says:"I am full of love" and:"I'm great, already know it"),he is the smartest of the group and it is a moot leader,he is hysterical,he is egocentric, he never mature although he is the tallest and could continue but the teacher hurries up to finish...

In conclusion here's your work.

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